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Closeup of a car with a smashed front fenderCar Accident Lawyer Shelton, CT

A car accident can happen even when the right precautions are taken. One of the most common reasons for this, is because people on the road can often be very careless and unpredictable.  Sometimes, people will turn a corner or change lanes without turning on their turn signal.  Other times, there are people who will attempt to tailgate a car in front of them. However, if the car in front of them has to make a sudden stop, there will be no time for the car behind them to slow down, and an accident will be caused. These are some examples of how people can be unpredictable when it comes to following the rules of the road. Unfortunately, even a minor fender-bender can cause issues and if you have significant injuries sustained, then you may need the help of a car accident lawyer in Shelton, CT. By visiting our law firm, Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C, you can get in touch with a lawyer who will have the experience and tools necessary to ensure you receive the compensation and justice you deserve. 

Common Reasons for Car Accidents

Although no two car accidents are the same, there are a few common reasons why car accidents happen:

  • Distracted driving: While we tend to think of distracted driving as when another driver is texting or calling, the truth is that distracted driving can cover a wide range. Distracted driving can be anything from eating and drinking, changing the radio station, or being distracted by something else on the road. Moreover, distracted driving can also happen, when someone is in a hurry somewhere, and they fail to follow the rules of the road, as a result. An example of this would be an accident that is caused, due to someone being in a hurry and running a red light, or someone being careless and running a stop sign, because they are in a hurry. These are also some examples of distracted driving as well.  
  • The driver isn’t in the right state of mind: Driving requires a lot of focus and concentration as even the smallest mistake can cause huge issues. Unfortunately, sometimes a driver may not be in the right state of mind. They may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, suffering from driver’s fatigue, or maybe have just had an emotional episode. 
  • Weather conditions: It’s no surprise that there are many more accidents come winter. One of the strongest examples of this, pertains to icy roads and how they can be a detriment, when it comes to driving. During such weather conditions, roads end up becoming much more slippery, and in these cases, it is important to be very careful when turning a corner, as well as when driving and coming to a red light. If someone puts on the breaks too fast, their care can end up spiraling out of control, or it may not slow down enough in time, which can end up causing an accident.  However, even a rainstorm can prove to be fatal especially when other conditions enter the mix such as it being nighttime.

  • Road conditions: Not every road is alike. Unfortunately, some roads may suffer from serious issues like potholes, crumbling infrastructure, improper signage, etc. Potholes can especially be a serious hazard that end up destroying wheels over time and cause flat tires as well.  As such, on roads where potholes are known to be, it is important that they are not run over, or different routes are taken, to avoid hazardous areas. 

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Following a car accident, it’s vital to be in touch with a car accident lawyer in Shelton, CT. However, you might be wondering what exactly a car accident lawyer can do for you. While there are different ways a lawyer can help, the most crucial way your attorney can help is by getting you the compensation you deserve. 

Following a car crash, people might be aware that they’re entitled to compensation for medical bills and property damages, but they may not know that compensation can cover other areas too such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, reduced quality of life, etc. 

Having an experienced attorney on your side means that they will be able to fight to ensure you receive the proper compensation. They can also negotiate with the insurance companies, apply legal pressure when needed, and advise you on whether or not you should take an offer. 

Will My Trial Go to Court?

While some car accident cases do make it to court, many of them are settled before. The reason for this is that even a small incident can take several months to resolve and can cost both parties considerable time and money. That’s why most cases are settled before they ever see a courtroom. 

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A car accident is a traumatic experience and following such a tragedy, you and your loved ones deserve the necessary justice and compensation. That’s why you should enlist the help of an experienced car accident attorney in Shelton, CT from our law office of Willinger & Bucci, P.C. 

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