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Child Support Lawyer in Shelton, CT

Child Support Lawyer Shelton, CTParties, whether married or unmarried, have a financial responsibility for their minor children. That financial responsibility does not change if the parties split up. However, many times, the custodial parent is left to face that financial burden alone. At times like that you need the child support lawyer Shelton, CT relies upon. For years, Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. has been zealously representing custodial parents and their children who have been abandoned by the other party. When you hire us, we work tirelessly to make sure that a fair and just child support order is established and enforced to ensure that the non-custodial parent fulfills his or her obligation in full and on time so that the substantial burden of raising a child is not left to one parent alone.  

Ensuring the Child’s Needs Are Met

The day-to-day needs of the child such as shelter, food, and clothing must be a shared responsibility. Health insurance, a percentage of unreimbursed medical expenses, and a percentage of work-related childcare expenses must also be shared. That is why you need the experienced child support lawyer Shelton, CT residents trust to advocate for a fair and equitable application of the CT Child Support Guidelines. To do so requires a full investigation of the other party’s income, employment, and earning capacity so that a truthful and accurate calculation may be made for the amount of child support to be paid on a weekly basis by the other party.  

Ensuring Child Support Is Paid on Time

Once an order is established, our lawyers will work to make sure that it is applied and paid on time by an income withholding order against the other party, if necessary, and a prosecution for contempt if the other party ignores his or her obligation under that order. Contempt proceedings could result in wage garnishment, payment of associated attorney fees and costs, or the rare occurrence of incarceration. 

A child support obligation must also be accurately assessed as it is a substantial financial burden. Our attorneys are ready to assist those individuals who have legitimate challenges to child support actions based upon paternity or challenges to the custodial parent’s income and earning capacity.

Whether or Not a Case Meets the Criteria

The Connecticut Child Support Guidelines also have several deviation criteria under which a case may qualify (for example – special needs of the children, extraordinary travel expenses, substantial party assets, extraordinary parental expenses, extraordinary expenses for the care and maintenance of the child, coordination of total family support, needs of parents other dependents, etc.) which may affect the determination of the final child support order.  

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Faced with the complexities of child support calculation and enforcement, Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. is the child support lawyer Shelton CT and surrounding towns find essential to protect your rights.

Whether you are seeking to establish a child support order, enforce a child support order, or dispute a claim regarding paternity or child support, contact us today.

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