Crucial Questions to Ask a Probate Attorney

What is Probate?

Many people become confused when they think about probate and what type of situations require it. There’s no reason for it to be too confusing though as probate is generally required for 2 things. Probate is the process that takes place when a will is needed to be legally validated by a court. Probate is also required when someone passes on without a will. Now that probate is understood a bit more clearly, it’s important to determine if you need a probate attorney and what relevant questions should be asked to these types of attorneys to deem whether they should handle your case or not. 

Crucial Questions to Ask a Probate Attorney

While everyone will have differing opinions and ideas when it comes to specific issues or circumstances, there are some questions that should universally be asked to a probate attorney candidate for your case. These questions are as follows:

  • How long has the attorney practiced law?
  • What kind of cases have they worked on in the past?
  • What is their experience with probate?
  • How does their fee structure work?
  • How long does the attorney think that the case will last?

These are all especially useful questions to ask of a potential probate attorney in order to determine their expertise and eligibility to assist with your case. Other relevant questions pertaining to probate and the different issues that can come along with it can also be asked. Probate can be a lengthy and difficult process, which is why it is advised to hire experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to help make the process easier and quicker.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

While an attorney isn’t mandatory for these types of issues, they certainly can make the entire process significantly easier. Historically, some families have been ripped apart due to the probate process and all of the twists and turns that it can bring. Generally, this is due to the differing opinions of financial matters being determined by the court or in the will itself. 

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