How Can a Foreclosure Be Challenged?


Having a home or property foreclosed on is never a pleasant feeling. Financial struggles are something that many people go through and losing a home can be an especially difficult thing. That is why it is important to understand the different ways of challenging a foreclosure and how a home can be kept from foreclosure. Some people are able to fight these challenges on their own while others turn to the experience and knowledge of legal counsel in their area. Whichever path is chosen though it’s crucial to always stay positive and do everything possible to keep the home or property from being foreclosed on. Let’s take a look at the different ways that a foreclosure can be challenged. 

Challenging a Foreclosure

Challenging a foreclosure doesn’t have to be stressed over. While it can be a complex process there are some key ways to challenge it. Ensure that all paperwork from the entities and parties involved is valid and proper. Mortgage companies, banks, loan processors, and other parties are comprised of humans who are prone to making mistakes. There is a chance that their paperwork isn’t valid. For example, a loan company may not be able to provide the necessary paperwork and proof that they processed a loan or provided one. The same can be said for a bank. There is a chance that they too may not have followed local or state procedures for the loan or payments. If it’s found that a mistake is made then the foreclosure may be found to be foreclosed on in error. 

Other Ways of Challenging a Foreclosure

There are other ways too that a foreclosure may be found to be invalid. If the person facing foreclosure is in the military and on active duty then may possess a financial benefit that keeps their home from being foreclosed on. Another way is by filing for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Individuals typically file for this bankruptcy type to keep themselves from having to liquidate assets. If the mortgage is able to continuously be paid the home won’t have to be liquidated in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Legal Assistance

If the process sounds complicated or it sounds like an experienced professional in foreclosure is needed then consider reaching out to a foreclosure lawyer. These lawyers typically have the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to assist clients with keeping their homes. 

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