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If you have a loved one who has been residing in a nursing home and you recently discovered that they are suffering from bedsores, you likely have many questions. Are bedsores normal? Sure, bedsores aren’t great. But the nursing home team probably does their best, right? The answer is no. There is no excuse for the facility your loved one is in not taking care of your loved one. If your family member has bedsores, this does not just mean that the nurse in charge of taking care of them did not move your loved one once or twice. Bedsores are a serious sign of neglect that has been happening over a long period of time and may even be a sign that your loved one has been experiencing abuse or neglect in other ways. 

What are bedsores? 

Bedsores happen when a person has been in the same position for a long time. Especially when your loved one is in a nursing home facility because they are no longer mobile, you should be able to rely on the nurses and staff members to move your loved one from side to side so that the constant pressure does not cause injuries. It is common to see bedsores on: 

  • The back of the head
  • The back
  • The hips
  • The heels

As a lawyer, like a nursing home lawyer from a law firm like Brown Kiely, LLP knows, bedsores are almost completely preventable and can easily be avoided by nursing home staff members taking proper care of your loved one. It is also important to understand that bedsores are not the only issue that may be at play. If your loved one has been suffering from bedsores for a lengthy period of time, it could lead to a worsening condition, like gangrene, sepsis, bone infection, or even death. If your loved one’s bedsores have gotten infected, you will want to remove them from the environment as quickly as possible and get them immediate medical attention. A doctor can not only help your loved one with their treatment but also provide you with the medical records necessary for filing a personal injury claim on your loved one’s behalf.

Your family member should not have to suffer at the hands of a nursing home facility that has chosen to neglect and abuse them by not providing the care they need. With the adequate level of care, your loved one’s bedsores could have almost assuredly been avoided. If you would like to work on an injury claim for your loved one, it is time to reach out to a law firm you can rely on for more information. 

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