Questions To Ask Your Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

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If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer for a workers’ compensation claim issue, then chances are you have plenty of questions. Your choice to hire a lawyer is an important decision that will affect the outcome of your case. Specifically, your lawyer should be experienced in the area of personal injury law. Before choosing a lawyer, consider asking questions such as these during your consultation:

What benefits does my situation qualify me for? 

As your lawyer is evaluating your case, one of the first questions you must ask is about the kind of compensation and benefits you are entitled to receive. For instance, you may be eligible for temporary or permanent disability benefits, depending on how much you lost in wages or had your future earning potential hindered. 

Can a lawyer guarantee an outcome for my claim?

Your lawyer should be able to communicate the possible outcomes to you in an informative and clear way. Furthermore, reputable lawyers never guarantee a certain outcome, but they can work hard to advance your case towards success compared to handling it on your own. Most people don’t have extensive knowledge in law, so they are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by employers and insurance companies.

What if I waited to report the injury accident?

As soon as the injury happens, you have exactly 30 days to report it to your employer. If you take too long to notify them, your claim may be denied. As time goes on, evidence gets cleaned away, camera footage is cleared, and witnesses forget details of what they saw. To have the best chances of a favorable outcome, you must report it immediately and gather evidence at the scene.  

As a personal injury lawyer from Hickey & Turim, S.C. would agree with, most people don’t realize what they were rightfully owed in a workers’ compensation claim until it is too late. This is why you must recruit the assistance you need right away and report the injury accident early on, to protect your best interests and recovery. 

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