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Willinger, Willinger, & Bucci, PC can assist with personal injury cases, family law cases, and even criminal defense cases. Our lawyers have extensive experience in Connecticut law and will be more than happy to set up a consultation to go over the details of your case. In the meantime, you need to keep enjoying your life and making the most out of your time throughout the entirety of your case. Here are some popular parks where you can get out in nature and unwind while we do our best to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Roosevelt Forest Shelton, CTRoosevelt Forest Shelton, CT

Spending time outdoors is good for your health and emotional wellbeing. Whether you want to hike, bike, or have a leisurely walk and look at nature, Roosevelt Forest has a little bit for everyone. Pets are allowed and must be leashed, but there are great walking trails for dog lovers and playgrounds for young children to enjoy. Roosevelt Forest is the home of 400 acres of beautiful green deciduous trees and a breathtaking pond with plenty of wildlife to see while you are there. Many people enjoy going birdwatching in the forest, as there are many different beautiful birds that inhabit the forest, as well as dozens of other creatures for animal lovers to see. Roosevelt Forest has seven different trails that you can hike, all of which are listed on their website. Maps are available there as well, along with lists of wildlife you may want to look for while exploring the forest. Roosevelt Forest has endless opportunities for good family fun and is a beautiful destination for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors. Be sure to bring your camera when you visit — you never know what animals and beautiful flowers you may see and want to capture! 

Far Mill Park Shelton, CTFar Mill Park Shelton, CT

Far Mill River Park in Shelton, Connecticut offers stunning views that cannot be found elsewhere. The river has three beautiful waterfalls that cascade into peaceful pools below. There is room for people to walk along the river and enjoy the views the waterside has. It is a great place to bring a picnic lunch and take in all of the beautiful sights that you can only get from being out in nature. There is a walking path that is lined by countless wildflowers and trees that are hundreds of years old. Far Mill Park is one of the most beautiful places in Connecticut and a big destination for nature-lovers everywhere. It can be a family destination for activities and exploring, or a great date spot for couples to take a romantic time outdoors. Far Mill River Park is known for being a quiet and peaceful destination and is a wonderful escape into the wilderness while still being close to civilization. No matter what season you want to visit, the views that Far Mill Park has to offer are unmatched. Connecticut experiences all four seasons beautifully and as long as the weather is not too extreme, it is a nice park to spend the afternoon at. 

Beach Memorial Park Shelton CTBeach Memorial Park Shelton, CT

Robert G. Beach Memorial Park has endless opportunities for fun. From hiking and nature trails to camping and even ice skating in the winter, there is always something to do at the park. Families enjoy camping at Beach Memorial Park during the milder months, and can still take in the beauty by having a good time at the beach pool when it is too hot out to be walking around. The ice rink is a favorite among locals and visitors alike and is a wonderful activity when it is too cold to be outside unless you are moving around. The Beach Memorial Park is home to many different species of insects, animals, fish, and plants. It offers beautiful views, amazing photo opportunities, and several different play areas for young children. There are fountains, places to go swimming, and even several different playgrounds. There is something for everyone at the Robert G. Beach Memorial Park and Connecticut residents find themselves spending many weekends exploring and finding new adventures around the park. Always make sure to bring water and snacks when you plan on spending a day out hiking or swimming — it is important to hydrate and eat so that you are able to keep going throughout the day. 

If you need a motorcycle accident injury lawyer or a truck accident lawyer in Shelton, Connecticut, you should contact the personal injury lawyers at Willinger, Willinger, & Bucci, PC right away. We are well versed in the personal injury laws in Connecticut and will be able to help you get through your case. Motorcycle accidents are particularly traumatic because there is not very much protecting the rider from the vehicle that hits them. This often results in worse injuries than regular car accidents, which can cause steeper medical bills and potentially more pain and suffering. Truck accidents can be similarly more traumatic because they are larger vehicles that can cause more damage than a traditional car. If you are involved in either type of accident, you need to contact us right away. While you are in the area working on your case, consider exploring some of the parks in the area to relax and unwind. It is our job to worry about the details of your personal injury case while you focus on healing.

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