Why Should You Hire a Business Contract Lawyer

Why Should You Hire a Business Contract Lawyer

Whether you’re running a business with dozens of contracted employees or you’re only planning on having a couple of employees, having a carefully laid-out contract is crucial for both parties. A proper business contract will clearly show the responsibilities of both parties and cover areas such as termination. 

For an employer, a business contract will help ensure their employees, contractors, or subcontractors will fulfill their duties. On the other hand, for the party signing a contract, having a lawyer will help ensure they fully understand the contract. We’ll break down a few reasons why having a business contract lawyer is a smart move. 

A Lawyer Will Help You Understand the Contract 

Most contracts contain legal jargon in some fashion. Often contractual disputes aren’t caused due to one party trying to harm the other. Instead, they are often caused simply because one party didn’t understand the full conditions of their contract. Having a business contract lawyer can help you navigate through nuanced legal language so that both parties have a clear understanding. 

A Lawyer Can Help You Draft a Contract 

While there are thousands of DIY contract templates online that can save you money in the short term, you can end up losing significant money down the road. These contracts are often written poorly and may not cover the full scope of liabilities. Especially if you’re running a business with a lot of moving parts, you’ll want a lawyer that can help you draft a contract. The right lawyer will listen to all the needs of your business or the services you’re providing and help draft a contract that accurately covers all your bases. 

Prevent Loopholes 

Contracts with sloppy legal writing can cause there to be loopholes that another party might exploit. A contract lawyer will be able to identify these issues and quickly patch them. 

Ensure All Parties’ Needs Are Met

Sometimes a contract is specifically tailored to another party. For example, if you’re running a business that requires specialized services then you may discuss with that party to draft a contract that meets all their needs. In order to do this, the two of you might meet, discuss everything the other party wants, and come to a compromise. 

However, it can be difficult to accurately keep track of everything that was said in a meeting. Furthermore, it can be difficult to translate this into legal writing. With a business contract lawyer present, they can ensure everyone’s needs are met. 

Ensure the Contract Complies with New Regulations 

Even a well-structured and well-written legal contract can become outdated. A business contract lawyer can ensure a contract complies with new regulations. They can also ensure they comply with preexisting regulations. For example, different states might have different regulations. 

Drafting and enforcing a business contract can be frustrating especially when you’re already busy running a business. A business contract lawyer can make the process easier. Our friends at Carpenter & Lewis PLLC have a team of lawyers that can help. 

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