Wrongful Death Lawyer Bridgeport CT

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Bridgeport CT

Wrongful Death Lawyer, Bridgeport CTLosing someone close to you is painful, especially when the loss results from another person or company’s actions. When a loved one perishes due to another party’s negligence, you may want to consult with a qualified wrongful death lawyer Bridgeport, CT and surrounding communities. Willinger, Willinger, & Bucci‘s wrongful death lawyers stand ready to evaluate your claim and ensure that the party responsible is held accountable and that you have your day in court. 

Your wrongful death lawyer should understand Connecticut’s Probate Court System.

Wrongful death actions can be difficult to prosecute because the party seeking damages is unable to retain counsel. When someone has passed away, their estate can act on their behalf and authorize the filing of a wrongful death action. Our wrongful death lawyers work in conjunction with our probate and estate lawyers to ensure every aspect of the process comports with applicable law. 

Your wrongful death lawyer should ensure you understand the applicable deadlines and that they are strictly followed. 

Connecticut places limitations on any civil action to recover damages for wrongful death. Our wrongful death lawyers understand the applicable statutes that limit the time frame in which you can bring a wrongful death action. From the moment we are retained by a client, we immediately begin tracking the date by which we must file in court.  

Your wrongful death lawyer should evaluate the underlying cause of action.

There is no specialized action brought for wrongful death in court in Bridgeport, Connecticut or elsewhere in the state. A wrongful death action must be rooted in a traditional cause of action such as negligence. For example, if someone dies as a result of a truck accident, your wrongful death lawyer in CT would likely allege that the responsible party was negligent in the operation of their vehicle. This would require your wrongful death lawyer to allege and prove that the truck driver’s actions were the cause of the wrongful death and that the truck driver’s actions violated his duty to drive his vehicle in a reasonably safe manner and follow applicable laws. 

Your wrongful death lawyer should passionately and zealously represent you.

The most heart-wrenching part of a wrongful death action is that there is no way to undo the loss of human life. In most accident cases, the goal is to obtain the compensation that will allow the injured person to be made whole. This can include payment of medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering, and loss of income. When someone has lost their life due to the actions of another, there is no way to make them whole again. Our wrongful death lawyers pride themselves on being advocates for their clients. Advocacy is not just about pursuing compensation; it’s about accountability for the responsible party and sending a clear message that negligent conduct that leads to the loss of innocent life is unacceptable. 

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