High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Shelton CT

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer in Shelton, CT

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Shelton, CTThe challenges posed by divorce are both emotional and financial. As incomes continue to rise in the burgeoning southern Route 8 corridor, individuals of substantial means look to the high net worth divorce lawyer Shelton, CT trusts. That law firm is Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. For decades, we have provided corporate officers, entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and professionals in multiple fields with the expert advice to successfully navigate the inherent complexities of high-end marital dissolution and obtain optimal results for our clients.  

We Work Hard for You

Despite a legal system fraught with uncertainty, our clients know that the outcome we achieve on their behalf is financially just, fair, and appropriate for each case. We achieve that result through our tireless advocacy, substantial depth of knowledge, and the use of highly trained experts in the areas of personal and real property valuation, forensic accounting, business valuation, and overall asset review and analysis. Retirement assets, stock options, restricted stock benefits, pensions, and the valuation of closely held and family-owned businesses are all within our expansive purview of knowledge. We work with our team of experts to address the value of assets so that a meaningful negotiation may occur and investigate thoroughly if there is any suspicion of undisclosed assets or income. That is why we are the high net worth divorce lawyer Shelton, CT relies upon.  

We Will Advocate for You

Whether we represent the high-income earning individual or his or her spouse, our goal remains the same — to advocate for and protect our client’s interests throughout litigation, negotiation, and trial, if necessary. We are the attorneys that stand ready with the knowledge, expertise, and skills to ensure a continuing record of successful outcomes for our clients. We are the high net worth divorce lawyer Shelton, Connecticut residents know will prevail on their behalf. Whether it is marital asset valuation, division, or distribution; establishing appropriate child support; or litigating an order of spousal support, Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. is the strongest ally, advisor, and advocate for the client in a high net worth divorce case.

Willinger, Willinger, & Bucci PC offers the following in the family law area of service:

  1. Divorce (contested and uncontested)
  2. Legal Separation
  3. Annulments
  4. Alimony
  5. Marital property rights
  6. Asset division
  7. Child custody and modifications
  8. Child support and modifications
  9. Visitation rights
  10. Domestic violence
  11. Restraining orders
  12. Marital property agreements
  13. Premarital agreements
  14. Grandparents’ rights
  15. Appeals

Under the best circumstances divorces difficult, however when you are involved with a high level of assets or income complications typically rise exponentially. You’re going to want a skilled lawyer with the experience and skill it is necessary to make sure cases handled professionally with the utmost privacy. 

If you’re involved in a high net worth divorced is going to be more crucial to have a divorce lawyer by your side as highly trained energy such as complex taxation, support obligations, tracing of assets including offshore international accounts, valuation of businesses and other property land trust and other revocable or irrevocable kinds of trusts. You also want your lawyer to be qualified to talk about premarital agreements, qualified or nonqualified retirement accounts, restricted stock, qualified domestic relations orders, knowledge of tax ramifications and other complex property distributions as well. 

The lawyers available at Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C Understanding you could pick any high net worth divorce lawyer in Shelton, CT, and we understand that you are involved with a high net worth fours and are not likely to share bank accounts, business assets, investments and other high-value assets with your spouse. We know exactly how to deal with your types of cases, we have the experience and skill to successfully navigate the assets to be separated, determine marital and nonmarital assets and obtain the best possible value for all assets involved.

We are aware of the issues that are associated with high net worth divorce, such as assets for either spouse have been be evaluated undivided are offset with other assets, we understand the value of business assets especially if one house participates in a practice or business and the other spouse does not has to be determined, and we understand that this is hard work.

Reach out to Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C  for all of your high-net worth divorce needs.

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Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. represents high net worth individuals and their spouses in cases throughout Fairfield County and Connecticut. Contact us today to set up a consultation. 

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