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Personal Injury Lawyer Bridgeport, CT

If you have been injured in Connecticut and are in search of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, you have come to the right place at Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. Our law firm is one you can trust with your personal injury case. When you suffer an injury because of another person’s negligence, you have the right to file a claim against them so that you can be properly compensated for the pain and suffering that you have injured. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Bridgeport, CT

An injury can greatly impact your life, putting you out of work for weeks to months. It is an inconvenience and burden that you should not have to go through. With a skilled personal injury lawyer’s assistance and support, you don’t have to go through the complex legal process alone. 

Have you been a victim of personal injury resulting from someone’s negligence? If so, it could be beneficial for you to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT from the law firm Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C.

Being a victim of an accident that resulted in a personal injury can be life-altering. There is probably a lot going through your mind at this moment and you have a lot to consider when it comes to how and if you can get the medical attention and care that you need. Depending on the extent of your injury, you might even have to make other adjustments to your life and home to ensure that you can live comfortably. 

These adjustments can become expensive and eventually a financial burden. That is why you should consult with a personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT who has the skills and experience to understand your claim and the legal options you might have so that you can reduce the stress in your life and be able to live the rest of your life without the burden that lies ahead. 

You must work with a lawyer who will understand your case and will know how to fight for you and for what you deserve. Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. have the skills and years of experience working on personal injury cases and will work hard to make sure you get the justice that you deserve. 

It can be tough finding a law firm that you can trust, but at Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. you will get much more than trust. You will get a legal team that consists of accountable professionals who will help you and make sure that you feel comfortable with every decision along the way. After all, this is your life and you have to live with the decisions and we would never want you to do something that you didn’t feel comfortable doing. 

At Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C., we are here to fight for you and the compensation that you may be owed. Living with a personal injury can be mentally, physically, and financially draining, but we will be here to work with you to determine what your goals are and how we can work towards them together. 

As a client of Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C., we will work relentlessly and vigorously to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to our clients and to providing excellent representation, which can be reflected through the number of clients who continue to seek our counsel and to represent them through their legal issues.

We are here to get you through one of the most challenging times in your life. It won’t be easy doing it alone, that is why you can count on Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. to be the team you are searching for.

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What Qualifies As A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawsuits are a type of civil case and they can occur after car crashes, defective products, slip, and falls — just to name some of the most common occurrences. The legal definition of a personal injury is a personal injury that occurs when a person’s body, mind, or emotions are injured as a result of the negligence, carelessness or wrongful conduct of another person. 

Confirming whether or not you are the victim of a personal injury can be difficult. A top lawyer can conduct a full investigation and find crucial evidence to support your argument and achieve a settlement that you may be entitled to. If you are unsure if your personal injury falls under these circumstances then you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer at a law firm like Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. to schedule a consultation to get a better understanding of your legal options. 

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury is a broad field of law. A personal injury case is when a person suffers an illness or injury at the hands of a person or company who acted negligently, whether deliberately or not. A persona can be held liable if there is evidence found that links them to the act that resulted in direct harm to a victim. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases that many people are familiar with are as follows:

  • Car accidents. Drivers who are not paying attention to their surroundings or casually disregard the safety of others around them can inflict harm on innocent victims. Victims can file a claim against negligent drivers. 
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Because of their small size and lack of sturdy protective barriers, cyclists are often personal injury victims because drivers fail to see them or do not give them the right of way. 
  • Pedestrian accidents. Personal injury lawyers often assist clients who have been struck by a driver while they have been walking on a sidewalk or crossing a street. 
  • Slip and fall. A slip and fall can happen because of hazards like spilled food, liquids, and recently mopped floors. Property owners can be held liable if they fail to remove the hazard or do not install a visible sign. 
  • Workplace accidents. Accidents in the workplace can result in serious injury to workers. An employer can be held accountable if they violated safety measures and knowingly put workers at risk. 
  • Medical Malpractice. Doctors and healthcare professionals who breached their duty of care, resulting in harm to their patients are often at the center of personal injury lawsuits. 
  • Product Defects. A product with a defect can seriously injure consumers. Examples of defects include technical flaws and insufficient instructions. 

How We Will Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Following a personal injury case, there are three types of compensation that you may qualify for. The first type of compensation is known as economic damages and includes expenses that can more easily be calculated such as lost wages, current, and future medical bills, and property damages. Another form of compensation is known as non-economic damages and is compensation for factors that are much harder to calculate. Some examples include:

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress (including the development of conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder–PTSD)
  • Temporary or permanent disfigurements
  • A reduced or loss of quality in life including low self-esteem, relationship problems, a loss of reputation, etc. 

Lastly, there are punitive damages. While economic and non-economic damages are designed to help make a victim whole, punitive damages are designed to punish the defendant and deter them from committing any future actions. Punitive damages can also be a way to deter similar cases from happening in the future from other parties. Although punitive damages are rarer than economic and non-economic, there’s a chance that your case may call for punitive damages as well. A lawyer can help determine if this is the case. 

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

You may be worried about the cost of a personal injury lawyer. While some lawyers do charge an hourly fee and/or a retainer fee for personal injury cases, in many cases a lawyer may work off of a contingency fee. What this means is that your attorney will handle all upfront costs such as court and filing fees and will instead be paid a percentage of the final settlement or court award. Although this percentage can sometimes be 30 percent or more, the advantage of a contingency fee means you won’t have to worry about any initial attorney fees. Additionally, you will only have to pay if your lawyer wins your case. 

How Long Will My Case Take?

There are no set time-frames for personal injury cases and they may be resolved in as little as a couple of months or maybe dragged out to take a couple of years. Ultimately, there are a few factors that affect the time frame such as the severity of the injuries sustained (with more serious injuries causing the case to take longer) the other party’s willingness to negotiate, the court and judge’s availability, and how long it takes to gather evidence. Another factor is whether or not the case ends up making it to court. 

For additional information about personal injury, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Statute Of Limitations

There is limited time for a victim to submit a claim. Depending on the state, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases varies. To learn more about the requirements to submit a valid personal injury claim, contact a lawyer and they will give you the specific information pertaining to your case. 

Financial Reimbursement for Your Medical Expenses

Accident victims often experience various types of losses due to their injuries, with medical expenses frequently having the most significant financial impact. The cost of medical treatments can be overwhelming, and even individuals with health insurance may struggle with deductibles, co-pays, and uncovered treatments or medications.

Thankfully, Connecticut law allows accident victims to pursue personal injury lawsuits against those responsible for their injuries and related losses. Our experienced Bridgeport, CT personal injury attorneys can evaluate your claim and determine the compensation you may be entitled to receive.

The following medical expenses may be included in the damages our clients can claim in their lawsuit, depending on the type and severity of their injuries:

Emergency Care

This encompasses any ambulance or other emergency transportation needed from the accident scene to medical facilities, as well as any treatment received in the emergency room.


If our client’s injuries warrant hospital admission, this can be included in their lawsuit. It also covers any future hospitalizations required for injury treatment.


If our client requires surgery following the accident or at any time in the future, they should be compensated by the at-fault party.

Rehabilitation Services

Serious to severe injuries often necessitate stays at rehabilitation centers. These stays, as well as any outpatient physical and/or occupational therapy, are also covered.

Mental Health Therapy

Accident victims may experience emotional trauma, leading to issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD that require mental health treatment. Our Bridgeport, CT personal injury attorneys can provide more details on what may be covered in this category.


Any prescribed medication, including both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, should be covered in a personal injury lawsuit.

Medical Devices

Any necessary devices, such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, or canes, should be compensated. If our client has suffered an amputation due to the accident, all prosthetics are also covered.

Transportation Costs

Any costs incurred by our clients to attend their medical appointments for their injuries are economic damages they are entitled to be compensated for.

Our clients should be aware that not only past medical expenses are covered in a personal injury lawsuit. If the injuries sustained necessitate long-term or life-long medical care, our Bridgeport, CT personal injury attorneys will ensure that these projected costs are included in any settlement agreement or award request if the case proceeds to trial.

How Personal Injuries Can Affect Your Life

If you were in an accident and walked away not realizing the extent of the damage, this incident still could have lasting effects on you and how you live your life. Learning about how personal injuries can change how you react to situations or how they can impair your physical health is important.

1. Different Cognitive State

In the time after an accident, you may notice yourself forgetting what you were going to say next in conversations or feeling confused at random points in the day. Sometimes, people around you can tell that something is wrong because of how you reply to them or the sound of your voice. You may seem disoriented or confused, which is a problem that can grow as time goes on. Talking to a personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, like Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, PC may help you.

2. Physical Complications

Immediately after an accident, you may be able to stand up and move without much noticeable pain. However, once the adrenaline wears off from the crash or accident, you could find yourself feeling different and struggling to complete tasks you once could do with ease.

Whether that is lifting your child up in the air or driving your car, you could notice a slow but steady change in how physically capable you are. Discussing this problem with a personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, could be a step you want to take.

3. Psychological Issues

If you find yourself replaying the moments before or during the accident that happened in your mind repeatedly, you may be struggling with the lasting emotional and psychological effects of a personal injury. These issues can often cause a state of depression or continual anxiety, and you may not be able to drive or do the same activities you did before.

It can become tough to get a full night’s sleep, and that lasting insomnia can leave you feeling drained as time goes on. Talking about this with a personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, like Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, PC, may help.

4. Sensory Problems

Being able to touch hot or cold surfaces and feel the temperature of all of them is an important sense. In some cases, you may notice your taste, sight or hearing can be changed after a personal injury. Even partial loss of these senses can leave you feeling frustrated and tired. Describing these symptoms to a personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, may help you choose what to do next.

What You Need To Know About Personal Injury Law


Refrain From Public Sharing

A personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, may advise you that talking about your case on social media or to friends and family could risk damaging your case. The other party’s insurance company may send private investigators to check you out and see if you’re really as injured as you claim to be. It’s too easy for a friend to say something innocuous like “Oh, she’s fine,” which could be used against you.

You Should Not Give A Recorded Statement To The Insurance Company

Refer any calls from insurance companies to your Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, PC attorney. This is another place where saying something innocuous could be twisted and used against you. 

Your Minor Injuries Are Worth A Personal Injury Case

If you had any medical costs or missed any amount of work, that’s worth a personal injury case. You deserve to be recompensed for your medical bills and lost wages. A personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, can tell you if you have a claim or not.

You Could Force Someone Or A Business Into Bankruptcy

This is exactly why people have insurance. Homeowner’s insurance, premises insurance, malpractice insurance and others are there for when a personal injury has occurred. You’re not filing a claim against the person or business; you’re filing it against their insurance company.

Your Divorce Attorney Shouldn’t Handle Your Personal Injury Case

While it’s technically true that your divorce attorney could pursue your personal injury case, it’s a far better idea to hire an attorney who does nothing but personal injury cases. You want someone who’s worked on personal injuries for years by your side in this fight. However amazing your divorce lawyer is, you need a personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT.

Your Lawyer Fees Will Take Up Most Of Your Settlement

Standard practice in personal injury is for the lawyer’s fees to be between 25-33% of your settlement. Your personal injury lawyer in Bridgeport, CT, will be able to tell you what percentage she typically takes when working on a contingent basis.

You Can Pursue A Personal Injury Claim On Your Own

This is technically true, but it’s an even worse idea than having your divorce attorney file a personal injury claim for you. At least your divorce attorney would have some passing familiarity with the field of personal injury law — while you have none. There is an entire body of knowledge you need to be able to successfully pursue a personal injury claim. Fortunately, the lawyers at Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, PC are ready to take your call.

Legal Counsel You Can Depend On

Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. have more than four decades of knowledge and expertise in the personal injury litigation field. You can trust in our ability to maximize your damage award so that you can get your life back on track. When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence it can take a toll on your life both mentally and physically. We understand that and we want you to know that we will always be on your side fighting for you and that you deserve to return to life before your personal injury. 

We have the skilled legal assistance and commitment that you have been looking for. Our law firm has years of experience in personal injury cases that once you hire us, you will be able to have the peace of mind that your case is in the right hands. We will always explain your rights to help you better understand your case and to make informed decisions when it comes to advancing your case throughout its legal process. 

What Should I Do If The Insurance Company Offers Me A Personal Injury Settlement?

Despite internet ads and TV commercials that portray insurance companies as businesses that help you out in your time of need by paying your claims quickly and fully, such, unfortunately, is not the case. In real life, insurance companies do everything possible to settle your claim for the least amount possible in order to preserve, if not enhance, their financial bottom line.

What this means for you if you sustain injuries due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing is that you can expect to receive a phone call from the responsible person’s insurance company claims agent or lawyer very shortly after the accident. Believe it or not, sometimes you get this call while you’re still in the hospital receiving treatment for your injuries.

The caller probably will sound very sympathetic, empathetic, and concerned about you. Then he or she probably will offer you a settlement amount slightly more than sufficient to cover your medical expenses to date. All you need to do to get this money is sign a form releasing the insurance company from all further liability.

What Should You Do?

Even though you’re probably already worrying about how you will pay your medical bills that seem to be increasing almost by the minute, your wisest course of action is to politely decline the caller’s offer. If you already have a Bridgeport, Connecticut personal injury lawyer, refer the caller to him or her. If you don’t, take the caller’s contact information, tell him or her that you want to talk to a lawyer before accepting any settlement, and to expect a call from your lawyer as soon as you’ve had that discussion.

Initial Settlement Offers

Initial insurance company settlement offers are virtually always low. After all, if the caller can convince you to settle right now, before you likely even know how long the consequences of your injuries will last or what treatment you may require in the future, they can put this claim to bed without paying out a great deal of money.

Getting Legal Help

Obviously, accepting an initial settlement offer is not in your best interests. You need the advice, counsel, and representation of an experienced local personal injury who knows how the “insurance game” works. One who knows from past experience that whatever the original settlement offers, your claim likely is worth several times that much.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can not only stop the insurance company calls from interfering with your recovery, but also relieve you of your financial worries knowing that your case is now in the hands of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who can determine the real value of your injuries and then aggressively pursue your personal injury claim.

Common Injuries Resulting From a Trip and Fall

A trip and fall accident can result in any number of injuries. Some may be more obvious than others, but any injury sustained due to negligence can be cause for a case. If you have one of the following injuries due to negligence, contact Wieand Law Firm for a trip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, as soon as possible.

1. Broken Bones

A trip and fall can result in a broken bone in any number of places on your body, but the arms, hips, and ankles are most susceptible. Age or certain health conditions like osteoporosis may increase your chances of a broken bone, but it can happen to anyone. Depending on which bone was broken, you may need to undergo physical therapy, which can be expensive and result in lost wages.

2. Cuts and Lacerations

Any cut or laceration is serious and can become infected if not treated right away. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, blood loss can also be a cause for immediate medical attention. Although a cut may appear superficial to you, if it is sustained because of a trip and fall, there may be more severe injuries that are not immediately visible. 

3. Knee Injuries

There are a lot of ways the knee can be injured in a trip and fall, but common ways include twisting them or fracturing them. Any knee injury can become serious if not immediately addressed and can result in chronic pain. You may have trouble walking and have to take time off of work.

4. Concussion

A concussion or other traumatic brain injury as the result of a trip and fall can have an immediate effect on your life. Concussion symptoms include a persistent headache, nausea or vomiting, and struggling to walk straight or speak clearly. In most cases, a concussion will eventually go away on its own in a short period of time ranging from days to months depending on the severity. For some people, concussion symptoms can last much longer. 

5. Emotional Distress or PTSD

A trip and fall incident can be emotionally traumatic. Your experience in treatment and recovery may be much more difficult if your mental health has suffered. You may be fearful of returning to the place of the incident or have intrusive flashbacks about it. Suffering through emotional distress can be just as significant as a physical injury. Do not delay in contacting a trip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, so that you can seek fair compensation and let Wieand Law Firm advocate for you.

Bridgeport Personal Injury Infographic

Common Injuries Resulting From A Trip And Fall Infographic

Personal Injury Lawyer Statistics

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, in 2020, there were 1304 serious auto accidents in the state of Connecticut. A personal injury lawyer will tell you that cases are often settled out before they reach court as both parties would prefer not to deal with the amount of time and expenses it takes to take a trial to the court. However, if offered a settlement from the insurance company, it’s better to consult with your attorney to determine if the settlement is realistic enough to cover all your current and future expenses. 

Fiercely Advocating For Clients’ Rights

You can trust that we will always describe in detail our expectations throughout the entire process. You will never be caught off guard. With our decades of legal knowledge and expertise, we will be able to develop strategies that will ensure that we achieve our goals for compensation so that you can get back to living your life without any financial worries.

We know how difficult it is to go through a personal injury. Sometimes injuries could leave you in a position where you won’t be able to return to the same quality of life that you were living before your injury. However, you can trust us that we will be dedicated to your case to make sure that you get the justice you deserve so that you can begin this new chapter in your life. 

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

How much it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer can depend upon the injury itself, the expected duration, how much compensation you’re expected to be rewarded, etc. A typical rate of around $300 an hour can be expected. However, plenty of attorneys understands that following a personal injury that the expectation to be able to pay is very unlikely. Since a personal injury can result in a wide spectrum of expenses such as lost wages, medical expenses, etc., lawyers have developed an alternative payment method known as a contingency fee arrangement. 

What Is A Contingency Fee Arrangement? 

A contingency fee arrangement is an alternative to a payment plan based around an hourly pay rate and/or retainer fee. Instead, under this plan, the lawyer will begin working with the client without any money being required. Instead, they will receive a percentage of the compensation awarded to their client via either a final settlement or a court award. Depending upon the lawyer and the amount of work involved sometimes the lawyer may take 33% or more or of the final settlement/court award. 

While this, of course, may sound like a lot it’s important to keep in mind that without a legal council it can be difficult to receive the adequate compensation you deserve. Even if you receive an offer from the other party’s insurance company, the offer will usually be significantly lower than what your personal injury lawyer can grant you even after taking out the contingency fee. 

The best way to ensure that both parties are on board when it comes to the contingency fee arrangement is to make sure that everything is in writing and agreed upon before the process begins. It’s also possible to negotiate fees with the lawyer and come to more middle ground. Keep in mind, however, there may be plenty of expenses the lawyer might have to undertake including copying, court filing fees, long-distance phone calls, depositions, scheduling crucial court proceedings, etc. Having a clear list of possible expenses (even when they’re subject to change) can help keep everything transparent. 

How Long Does A Case Take?

How long it takes to settle a personal injury case can vary. Sometimes the other party will want to settle immediately and will want to avoid going to court entirely–whether due to expenses or knowing they won’t have too strong of a defense. If the other party decides to settle before going to court and is offering a reasonable amount then it may only take a few months for everything to finalize. However, if the case does go to court then it may take one to two years. Additionally, the severity of your accident can affect how long it takes for the case to be settled. 


What can a victim be awarded damages for?

The compensatory damages may fall under one or both categories, “economic” or “noneconomic.” Economic damages are physical, more tangible damages that can be quantified, and their value does not change depending on the jury that is evaluating them. Noneconomic damages can be collected for less tangible aspects of the injury, commonly pertaining to emotional and interpersonal damages that were a direct result of the injuries sustained. With the assistance of a Bridgeport, Connecticut personal injury lawyer, you can be one step closer to returning to normalcy.

Economic damages:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Household services
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Property damages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Medical expenses may also be included under economic damages. These damages are bills that arise out of the injuries that are caused by the accident.

Medical expenses that compensation can be collected for:

    • Chronic physical health issues
    • Chronic mental health issues
    • Surgeries
    • Future treatments

Noneconomic damages:

  • Pain
  • Emotional anguish
  • Reputation damage
  • Loss of enjoyment of activities
  • Worsening of prior injuries

In some states, noneconomic damages are referred to as pain and suffering. In addition to the one who suffered the damages, a spouse may be able to recover a type of non-economic damage referred to as “loss of consortium”. In the event of a wrongful death, or inability to seek legal assistance, a spouse can also be the one to seek legal counsel and fight for compensation for personal injury damages.

Contact an experienced local personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following the injury. The sooner you retain legal representation, the better off you will be. Call us at Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. to schedule a consultation with a Bridgeport, Connecticut car accident lawyer today. 

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