Top Motorcycle Accident Myths Busted 

Motorcycle Accident

If you are around a group of avid motorcycle riders you are bound to hear some of the popular myths, urban legends, incorrect assumptions, and intuitive explanations about motorcycle safety. Most of these turn out to be wrong when you start to look for the facts. Believing these myths can increase your chances of being involved in an accident or getting hurt when you do crash. 

With so many myths out there, it can be hard to know fact from fiction. Below you’ll find the most common myths out there. 

Myth 1: Other Drivers Don’t Care About Motorcyclists 

Most drivers don’t want to hit you while you are on your motorcycle. Most of the near-misses come about because they don’t always know you are there. Motorcycles hide in blind spots that cars have, making it difficult to know you are there. Even if you are in plain view, there could be a glare or something else in the way that conceals you. 

Rather than assume that all drivers are ignoring you, make it easier to spot you. Wear bright colors, wear protective gear, and make an effort to be conscious of the world around you. What might seem simple could be the difference between life and death. 

Myth 2: Loud Pipes Save Lives 

No. There are very few times that these loud pipes actually help riders. It actually makes things more dangerous for you. These loud sounds can startle drivers, annoy them, or a variety of different things. More often than not, riders who have modified exhaust systems crash more frequently than those with stock pipes. 

Myth 3: Helmets Won’t Help in Most Crashes 

This simply just isn’t true. People assume that the faster you are going the less your helmet actually helps. Most accidents happen at relatively low speeds. Yes, there are times that a helmet won’t save your life. Those times happen to be when you also suffered multiple fatal injuries. Riders who use DOT helmets simply survive more crashes more successfully than those without them. If you hit the ground hard enough with a helmet on, your life could be saved.

Myth 4: One Beer Won’t Hurt 

Sure, it won’t hurt while you are drinking it. However, the moments after are what make this dangerous. No matter how much you consume, you are now under the influence. This means your reaction times aren’t going to be the same as if you were sober. When you drink and drive you are putting not only yourself at risk but other drivers. 

Riding a motorcycle is a fun experience. However, it is also a dangerous one because the protection is less, and many drivers just don’t understand how to drive safely around a motorcycle. Being hurt in an accident is devastating. It is why speaking to a motorcycle accident lawyer like our friends at Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, is a great way to start understanding how to get compensation for your injuries. 


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