Truck Accident Lawyer Bridgeport CT

Truck Accident Lawyer Bridgeport, CT

Truck Accident Lawyer – Bridgeport, CT

If you have been involved in an injurious collision involving a large commercial truck, please contact an experienced truck accident lawyer in Bridgeport, CT. Whether you were driving a truck for work-related purposes at the time of your crash or you were struck by a large truck, our reputable legal team can help.

It is critically important to refrain from making any knee-jerk assumptions about why your truck accident occurred, whose fault it was, and/or whether or not you have grounds to file a legal case at this time. No two truck accidents unfold under the same circumstances. As a result, you’ll want to speak with the experienced Connecticut legal team at Willinger, Willinger, & Bucci P.C. about your situation before deciding to pursue legal action or to refrain from doing so. If you make assumptions before your case has been objectively evaluated, you may lose out on a significant amount of compensation to which you would otherwise be entitled.

When Truck Accidents Result in Serious Injuries

When truck drivers, motorists, construction workers, other travelers, and bystanders are injured due to commercial truck accidents, they generally have at least one avenue by which they can pursue significant compensation. Many injury victims work with our firm’s Bridgeport, CT truck accident lawyer team to secure the most substantial insurance settlement they are entitled to under the circumstances of their unique cases. However, auto insurance settlements aren’t the only forms of compensation for most truck accident injury victims.

Many accident victims can hold other drivers, trucking companies, government agencies tasked with road maintenance, auto parts manufacturers, and/or other third parties accountable for contributing to their harm. These victims seek compensation via the personal injury claims process. Nine out of ten personal injury cases filed in the U.S. settle out of court. Therefore, chances are very good that if you have strong grounds to file a personal injury case, we won’t need to take your case to trial.

Additionally, many truck drivers – and many motorists struck by truck drivers – who were driving for work-related reasons at the time that they suffered harm are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Some injury victims may even pursue workers’ compensation benefits and personal injury compensation simultaneously, provided that the worker in question is suing a third party other than their employer.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Truck accident injury victims deserve to understand their rights under the law. Without access to objective, knowledgeable, and experienced legal guidance, injury victims can miss out on compensation that they are both entitled to and that could make their lives easier. Please, if you’ve been involved in an injurious truck accident, don’t make assumptions about whether you have a solid legal case. Instead, connect with our firm’s respected Bridgeport, CT truck accident lawyer team to receive a free case evaluation that will empower you to make informed choices about your options at this time. Call Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. today!

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