When Auto Insurers Try to Wrongfully Assign Fault for a Crash to the Victim

Auto Accident Lawyer

Did you know the crash victim can be assigned partial thought for an accident for many reasons, and many states because many states allow for comparative negligence. Comparative negligence means that you and the person you are suing are going to be looked at for the amount of fault you had in the accident, and in some states if you are determined to be 50% or more of fault for your accident you cannot recover any compensation at all. Not every state follows the comparative negligence rule, so ask your auto accident lawyers.

It is very difficult to know what to do especially when it comes to trusting what the insurance company is telling you about your role in the car crash, because sometimes insurers are going to lead crash victims to think they are up all that they do not have to pay out as much money if anything at all. They might make you feel like you are at fault because you did not wear a seatbelt, you drove with an expired driver’s license, or license plate, all of these things are bad, but they did not cause the car accident. You not wearing a seatbelt, is unlikely to cause a car accident. And you not having your license on your driving with an expired license plate, that’s not going to physically cause a car accident.

Crash victims usually will believably hear from the insurance company because many victims are going to take what the insurance company says at face value, because surely these people who insure thousands of cars are experts in the field.

However, insurance companies do not always have their clients first when it comes to lawsuits and claims. Insurance companies typically do not want to pay out money, and if they have to pay out money, they want to be at the least amount possible and they’re going to do everything in their power to do that.

Now there are valid reasons for being assigned partial thought. If that is something your state does, as if you broke traffic law you were reckless, you were negligent, you can be assigned fault of a crash. It will depend on your stay and whether your state allows partial vault to be assigned. You can talk to your auto accident lawyer about the rules of your state and find out if partial vault could make or break a case if it comes into play.

However when victims are wrongly assigned fault for a crash, they need to understand that they were wrongly assigned fault. You need to understand what negligence means, and negligence means that you failed to uphold a duty of care towards the other people on the road, not towards yourself.

Talk to your auto accident lawyer if you are wrongfully assigned fault for a crash, they are going to be the best person to know how to get this resolved and get you in court to get your compensation.

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