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How to Explain a DUI Conviction During a Job Interview

Drunk Driving Lawyer

If you have been convicted of a DUI, you may be nervous that it will affect your job prospects. Although finding a position may be more difficult with a drunk driving conviction on your record, it isn’t impossible. If you say the proper things during a job interview, there is still a chance you could get hired. Here are some tips for explaining a DUI conviction during a job interview.

Be Honest

Sometimes employers will ask about convictions during interviews and sometimes they won’t. If your interviewer asks if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime, it is important to be truthful. Although you may want to lie and hope that they never find out, it’s not the right move. They will likely conduct a criminal background check and find out that way. If an employer finds out that you lied about your DUI conviction, you likely won’t get hired.

Don’t Make Excuses

A common mistake people make when discussing a DUI conviction with a potential employer is making excuses. They might say that they were young and immature or that they were not as drunk as the breathalyzer claimed. If you make any excuses for your conviction, the employer might think that you are not taking responsibility for what you did. Instead, take accountability for the conviction.

Talk About How You’ve Changed

If you have made significant improvements in your life since your DUI conviction, don’t be afraid to mention them during your job interview. For instance, if you completed a 12-step program, let your interviewer know. If the employer sees that you’ve made an effort to improve your life, they may be more willing to offer you a position.

Don’t Volunteer Extra Information

While it is important to provide honest answers to the interviewer’s questions, you don’t want to volunteer extra details. For example, if the interviewer does not ask what your BAC was at the time of your arrest, don’t share that information. 

Highlight Your Strengths

Discussing your DUI conviction can be quite negative. After you’ve disclosed your conviction, change the focus to your positive attributes. Explain to the interviewer why you would be a good asset to the company.

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